Business and Defence


The Business Services sector covers a diverse range of industries which are set up to provide support to businesses.

These can include legal services, audit, accountancy, advertising and market research, management consultancy, architectural and engineering activities and employment activities. In the UK, the sector accounts for almost 11% of the UK economy’s gross value


The aerospace and defence sector is strong in Moray, accounting for 8% of total employment, or some 2,750 employees and rising. This figure includes individuals currently working within the MOD locally and in various related industries who potentially have transferable skills or could be up-skilled to work within the aerospace sector.

Employment numbers will rise significantly in the coming years. There is optimism for the future of this sector, driven by the strategic importance of Moray to the defence of the UK and its allies. Moray is well placed to capitalise upon this optimism, as there appears to be a relatively strong skills pipeline for future growth,
both in terms of further education students and modern apprentices. The requirement for aerospace engineering skills is significant, and evidence shows that when MOD contracts end, those in the armed forces and in civilian roles are often keen to remain in Moray, re-training to access new local employment opportunities.

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