Construction jobs involve more than just what you see on a building site. There is a huge range of career choices in the industry. These involve designing, planning and project management, as well as doing the hands-on, practical work.

Construction jobs are essentially about being able to say ‘I helped build that!’. Construction involves designing and building the ‘built’ environment around us: not only skyscrapers, football stadiums and bridges, but also houses, factories, hospitals, schools, railways, tunnels, piers, dams, coastal defences and energy generation plants.

A project can be a ‘new build’, a renovation or a refurbishment. Larger construction companies specialise in particular ‘markets’ or sectors – for example, healthcare projects. Some work in a range of sectors while other companies provide expertise in just one or two areas. Many construction professionals specialise in a particular type of project over time.

Construction professionals’ overall priorities are to ensure that their projects are attractive, safe, sustainable (environmentally friendly), and completed on time and within budget

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