Donations to Moray Emergency Relief Fund reach £150,000

Lord Lieutenant of Moray, Maj Gen Seymour Monro

Donations to the Moray Emergency Relief Fund topped £150,000 this week, less than two months after it was launched.

200 applications have been received so far, and the fund has provided £40,000 in much-needed support to families in the area, in addition to £15,000 in computer equipment to help with home schooling.

The fund was created in response to the COVID-19 crisis by the Lieutenancies of Moray and Banffshire, chiefly as a safety net of last resort for people not helped sufficiently by the government and council support measures. It follows a similar effort to help with flood relief in the early 2000s.

Administered entirely by current and former Lord-Lieutenants and deputies, grants – if approved – are frequently paid out within 48 hours.

Lord Lieutenant of Moray, Maj Gen Seymour Monro, said the fund has been an extraordinary success, thanks to the generosity of donors in the area and the voluntary work undertaken by the Lieutenancy team.

“It is a prime example how the Lieutenancies can be a force for good in the community, especially at times of great need and of crisis,” he said.

“The impact of COVID-19 has varied according to the many different circumstances of those in our area.

“The Moray Emergency Relief Fund has been able to provide support to people whose situations have meant that other sources of income or help have not matched their urgent needs. 

“Most recently, working with Moray Council ICT department, MERF was able to supply laptops and printers which will support the schoolwork of several families while the Council loan scheme came online.”

Assisting with this practical help, the MERF volunteers have found themselves working alongside many organisations, voluntary groups and individuals. 

Lord-Lieutenant of Banffshire, Andrew Simpson, said that the fund will continue to operate as long as it is needed.

“Support will still be required as individuals and businesses adapt to ongoing government guidance and to new circumstances,” he said.

“There have been over 120 donations from individuals who have given what they can through to large local employers – the generosity has been outstanding. We were especially grateful for the £25,000 donation from Pernod Ricard.

“Once the COVID-19 pandemics has passed and there is no more call on the MERF, we plan to keep it open in readiness to help our community should it face another crisis.”

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