DYW has an exciting opportunity for the young people of Scotland.

They are hosting a week-long series of interactive virtual webinar episodes.  #DYWUp2U runs from 24th-28th August, aimed primarily at 2020 summer and winter leavers.  However, the content is relevant to any young person (16-24) or parents/carers seeking insight into a variety of pathways and next steps.

Over the week they will broadcast five live webinar sessions of panel discussions with industry professionals, young people and specialists.  Facilitated by comedian and keynote speaker Gavin Oattes, there will be 20 minutes of discussion with our panellists followed by a live Q&A where young people will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions.

The five events will be broadcast live over the course of the week with one event per day and will focus on the following pathways:

Monday 24th August (2pm-2:40pm) – Jobs & Apprenticeships

Tuesday 25th August (2pm-2:40pm) – College

Wednesday 26th August (2pm-2:40pm) – University

Thursday 27th August (2pm-2:40pm) – Training & Volunteering

Friday 28th August – One Small Step with Gavin Oattes

It is a fantastic opportunity for those young people who are unsure of their next steps and are exploring the different pathways.

To register for the event, please visit www.dyw.scot/Up2U

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