Employment Support Services

Main Contact

Name: Angela Rose/Brenda Weaver/Grant Edwards Email:employmentsupportservice@moray.gov.uk Tel: 01343 563869/563867/563687

Referral Arrangements

Name: Angela Rose/Brenda Weaver/Grant Edwards Tel: 01343 563869/563867/563687 Email:employmentsupportservice@moray.gov.uk

Delivery Location


Programme Timetable

Flexible,1:1 and group work

Age Group

18-64 years

Programme Outline

The primary function is to help adults who are clients of community care into work or work like activity. That includes adults who have a learning disability, who have mental health problems, who have drug or alcohol problems, a physical disability or are on the autistic spectrum. All these adults are likely to be furthest from the labour market and require extensive help and support to make progress towards work. Stage 1 - experienced, well trained and knowledgeable staff who are able to engage with young people in a way that is appropriate to the individual in a process of assessment that is client-centred and needs lead. Stage 2 - professional staff with specialist knowledge of supporting people with barriers to employment i.e disabilities (including Autistic Spectrum Conditions, learning disabilities, mental health issues and physical and sensory disabilities) drug and alcohol issues, criminal justice related issues. Supporting young people to explore their perceived and acknowledged barriers to employment in order to minimise the impact they may have on their employability. while supporting young people to remove those barriers many of which can be related to poor basic skills, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Stage 3 - preparing clients to be well presented, job ready young people who are motivated, willing and able to engage fully with the job of their choice. Stage 4 - directly engaging with Employers across Moray to support job seekers to access effective work experience that is client lead and positively focused on a successful job outcome. Stage 5 - providing experience and professional support for employers and employees to sustain, retain and progress in employment. One to one support and advice for employers and employees. Key worker contact when required and reviewed regularly for as long as required to ensure sustainability of employment.