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Sector Based Data for Moray  |  Regional Skills Assessment

The aim of the Regional Skills Assessments (RSAs) is to provide coherent evidence base to inform future investment in skills, built up from existing datasets and forecasts.   Click here to search for a list of Businesses by industry sector and employment forecast by industry sector.

Data profile of individuals in Moray  Annual Participation Measure (16-19 year olds)

Click here for link to establish the percentage of young adults (16-19 years) participating in education, training and employment.

Stat explore statistics on Universal Credit Claimants in Moray

Target Groups:

1. Disabled and or D/deaf person (includes those experiencing mental health issues and those who have an impairment or long-term health condition)
2. Care experienced young people
3. Lone Parent
4. Person with a conviction (including CPO’s)
5. Person aged over 50 years
6. Primary Carer
7. Person with no or limited work experience
8. Early leavers from the armed forces, veterans, and ex-forces personnel
9. Long-term unemployed (6 months or over) who are not on Community Work Placements
10. Person who has failed their ESA Work Capability Assessment
11. People from Ethnic Minority backgrounds and racial groups, with a targeted approach informed by local population data.
12. Gypsy/travelling community
13. Partner of current or ex-Armed Forces personnel
14. Person requiring support with language, literacy, or numeracy, including those for whom English is an additional language
15. Low skilled [1]
16. A young person who was receiving additional support for learning in school
17. Refugee or other granted leave to stay in the UK
18. Homeless person (including temporary or unstable accommodation)
19. Person affected by substance misuse.
20. Living in a household with children in poverty
21. Person living in the 15% most employment deprived SIMD geographies (see ESF Scottish Local Authority Employment Deprived Area Postcodes list).
22. Person living in an area defined as “rural area[2]” or “very remote rural[3]”
23. Living in a jobless household
24. Young person at risk of becoming NEET [4]


Moray Pathways Employability Pipeline


We are keen to receive applications which can support the following provison on our pipeline, these have been split into 3 themes:

1:  Stage 1

We are keen for organisations who can offer innovative provison and support linked to the themes above and we welcome applications from umbrella organisations who could support a range of organistions within their network.

2: Sector Based Pathways Plus

We are looking for providers and employers to work closely within key sectors to deliver a sector based pathway plus across multiple stages (2-5).   Example below of a range of provision  available for individuals across all stages, individuals can enter at any point  and an offer of provision will be made to them.

A strong proposal would offer All or majority of these elements:

  • Provider able to manage a resource to provide a roll on service with no start or end dates
  • Support to people of all ages within our target groups
  • Sector provision matched to sectors highlighted in the Regional Skills Assessment
  • The training provider has links to a range of supportive employers across third sector, public and private sector
  • Participants enter at different stages and are offered a mix of tailored training provision (1:1 activities or group work) and work related learning from employers.
  • Training opportunities should include tailored accreditation options and sector based specific qualifications
  • Access to 1:1 end to end keyworker support if required will become available and would not be required as part of the costings for this element 


3:  Moray Pathways Keyworker Support Service

To provide consistent support for individuals to navigate across our pipeline, there is a demand for additional 1:1 keyworker support.  We are looking for organisations to apply for resources to deliver this and report to the local employability partnership. Key elements to consider as follows:

  • Keyworker support required to support the additional provision available to individuals across all stages of the pipeline.
  • Support the increasing demand for 1:1 In-work support for individuals of all ages on job creation schemes such as Kickstart and MERI,  The MERI scheme is receiving additional resources to fund public and third sector employers to provide supportive work placements for individuals ( aged 25 plus)  who are classed as long term unemployed. 
  • Provider to follow consistent Keyworker Job description across the partnership.
  • The keyworkers would be line managed by the provider and working on behalf of the moray pathways partnership to provide end to end support to learners.
  • See link to a Keyworker job description as an example of grade and salary.
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