Findhorn Bay Arts’ REMIX project for young music makers aged 16-21


The project supports young people to develop music making skills, engage within a multi-media context and produce original work. We will follow the interest and needs of participants, incorporating what they bring to the table and creating learning & creative opportunities & directions that match the individuals, the group and the skills our facilitators have to offer.

A key aspect of the project will be the provision of a pathway for participants to explore where their musical interests lie through a flexible, empowering approach and dialogue that builds self-belief and the confidence to take risks and experiment. 

The project will offer participants an opportunity to engage in music making initiatives in collaboration with professional practitioners through a range of activities including:

  • Digital Music Making & Sound Production
  • Sound for Moving Image & Film
  • Music Video Making
  • Music Production
  • Logic Pro & Ableton Live
  • Using samples, loops, midi & software instruments
  • Creating original music and composition
  • Live performance


What is Remix?

Remix is a Findhorn Bay Arts project funded by the Youth Music Initiative. The first ‘Phase’ of the project was the videos from Moray music makers, which are up online for you to check out: 2 is the part you are applying to join now, which is a 6-week online project – see below more for information. Phase 3 will start in October, and is a more in-depth programme to support you in your journeyas young music makers – through skills development, education, networking, live performance etc.

When is the online project?

We will be running the online sessions on Wednesdays from 6-7pm on the following days:September 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th & October 7th.

Who is the project for?

Remix is for young music makers aged 16-21 who live in Moray. It is a digital music making and sound production project at the core, but it is for any music makers – singers, instrumentalists, songwriters, beat makers, rappers, producers, sound designers etc. We expect that you are already making music in some way, and we will be exploring the digi side of things & how you can use it.

What should I expect from the project?

Over the 6 weeks we will be getting to know each other, share the music we’ve been making, exploring different platforms and software, and we will also be making a piece of music /sound piece together as a group!

Week 1 – getting to know each other, introducing the project, getting to know our Soundcloud platform for the project.
Week 2 – deciding the theme for the piece of music, assigning tasks / parts to record, recording tips and tricks.
Week 3 – listen to what we have put together from your recordings, deciding next steps/direction, skills, assign tasks.
Week 4 – your own music catch up, checking progress on the piece, music video tips and tricks! Assign tasks.
Week 5 – final listen to the piece/s, suggestions, assign remaining recording tasks, music video check in.
Week 6 – listen to the piece, watch the music video, project check in, Soundcloud sharing check in. Next steps.

How do I apply?

All you have to do is complete this short online application, and we will get back to you within 7 days. It’s a short application but if you have any questions just send us an email to

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