Health & Social Sciences

health & Social Care

There are many career opportunities within the Health and Social Care (HSC) system in Moray.  It’s all about helping people. Careers in healthcare are about helping people who are having problems with their physical health whilst careers in social care are concerned with helping vulnerable people in the community and providing them with support so that they can benefit from a much more improved way of life.

Health and social care is an especially broad career sector. Tons of different career paths are available for people from all different kinds of academic backgrounds. Careers in healthcare are much more likely to require a combination of further study and on-the-job medical training, whereas careers in social care are more likely to start with on-the-job training and allow people to work towards professional qualifications later on in their career.

Social Science

The Scottish life sciences industry thrives on its workforce. It owes its global reputation to this community of exceptionally talented people – and joining that community is easier now than ever before.

These days, there are multiple routes into this industry, even without a PhD. If a traditional academic path is not for you, an apprenticeship or internship could be your entry point. From research assistants to marketing managers to biologists, there’s demand at every level for staff with a wide range of skills.

Whatever way you decide to go, cultivating a strong work ethic and getting some laboratory experience under your belt will help you prepare for your life sciences career.

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