Moray College UHI

Main Contact

Name: Jacqui Taylor/Liz Robertson Tel: 01343576425/576428


Initial telephone followed by Eligibility confirmation to be sent if it is agreed that request /stage can be met.

Referral Arrangements

Delivery Location

Stage 4 - Moray College UHI Stage 3 - Moray College UHI/Employer premises

Programme Timetable

Age Group

Stage 3 - 18+ Stage 4 - 18+

Programme Outline

Stage 3 - aimed at participants who are nearly job ready but still require some help with skills/confidence to enable them to gain work. Participants will be considering the sector they would like for work experience within the first 2wks whilst undertaking employability training, meeting with employers, and accredited training

Stage 4 - Sector based courses such as Construction, Care, Hospitality Monday- Friday 9.30am - 3.30pm at Moray College UHI for 2wks and 1/2 wks in work placement at employer premises.

Preparing for Childcare - Monday - Friday 9.30 - 3.30pm at Moray College UHI for 2wks and offer of 1/2wks work placement in employer premises Industry Specific - 1 - 7 days at appropriate Training provider. All SBWA training offered will be to meet customer/employer demand.

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