Moray Pathways on hand to help with Covid recovery

Moray Pathways which is a central point of contact for people wanting to learn, train and seek employment is reminding people of its service as the region starts to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis.

Amy Cruickshank

Moray Pathways works with several partner agencies and can provide a wealth of information to individuals, organisations and businesses in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Amy Cruickshank, Opportunities for All Officer with Moray Council who co-ordinates Moray Pathways, in conjunction from Nina Crocombe from Skills Development Scotland, said the service they offer has never been more relevant and takes the stress out of having to navigate several different points of contact.

A crucial time

“Moray Pathways has been in existence for just over a year, but never has what we offer been more crucial. We can offer help to people, businesses and organisations who through no fault of their own have had their lives turned upside down by this worldwide crisis.

“Our team works with over 20 partner agencies who all have their own expertise whether that be in training, employment or education. Moray Pathways is here to bring together all those opportunities under one umbrella so that when people need help and advice, we can direct them to the best solution. What that means is those contacting Moray Pathways don’t need to try and navigate through a complex mix of training organisations and careers support, they can come to one central point and then be re-directed out with.”

“The country and Moray is in crisis. There are people out there who have been furloughed and don’t know whether they have jobs to go back to, there are businesses who may be making difficult decisions on whether they need to make staff redundant and there are people who already know they have lost work and may need to find employment or want to now re-train. These are just a few of the scenarios that people have been left facing.”

Amy added: “What is great is that Moray is a vibrant and robust region and there are, despite the current climate plenty of opportunities out there. We have also developed a new website which is easier to navigate but really our call to action is that if you need help, call us.”

A single point of contact

Jane Munro, employer & partnership manager with the Department of Work and Pensions who are one of the Moray Pathways partners said: “DWP is delighted to be part of Moray Pathways. The benefits that Moray Pathways brings to the area are second to none – this is a single point of contact for businesses and people to get access to information on skills, vacancies, re-training and support. “The Moray Pathways consortium brings together a wealth of information from DWP, Skills Development Scotland, Moray College UHI along with many local training providers. The consortium has been working together for over a year now to bring support and advice services along with local vacancies together in one platform. This opportunity has led to collaborative working across many organisations in Moray to help identify gaps in provision to help fill vacancies across those Sectors who struggle to recruit.”

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