Volunteer Week

Volunteer Case Study – Catherine Quinn

This week we are celebrating Volunteers’ Week by sharing stories from some of the people who give up their time to help and support young people in Moray.

Here’s what Catherine Quinn thinks…

“Being a mentor has been the most rewarding experience.  It’s a great outlet from my normal week – no matter what kind of week I may have, it is much better balanced with mentoring. I have been able to use my own experience to guide a young person through realistic challenges they are facing or are going to face. Being a mentor has brought an enthusiasm of sharing experience and skills I have learned over time and allows me to continue developing them.

“I was hesitant before I started about putting time into something that I might not be able to commit to longer-term but I kept thinking why wouldn’t I do something that helped me and a young person? Young people are all different and very, very capable of changing things that will almost certainly pass me by and I just feel being a mentor gives me a broader understanding and valuable relationship with a young person who will gain from working with someone from a non-judgemental position and a different perspective.  That is why I continue to do it.  I think no matter how much I thought I would learn from it and contribute to someone’s wellbeing by being a mentor, it’s truly so much more.”

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