Volunteer Week

Volunteer Case Study – Laura Russell

This week we are celebrating Volunteers’ Week by sharing stories from some of the people who give up their time to help and support young people in Moray.

Here’s what Laura Russell thinks…

“I LOVE being a Mentor, I get to meet a really cool young person, I get an insight into what their life’s like, what challenges they face, what’s going on in my local community and it makes me more aware of what’s going on for others.  It’s great to be able to think that in your week, you’re able to spend an hour, just an hour, bringing such a positive effect to you and a young person. 

“The young person I’ve been mentoring is part of my weekly routine and I love it, finding out what they’ve been up to, sharing experiences, we’ve built a god relationship now and I can tell if there’s something bothering them, we talk about things I never thought we’d talk about, it’s always great, it’s always good fun, there’s definitely serious times but I feel like we have bond now that we can get through those and they can tell me stuff.  It’s just brilliant!”

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