Volunteer Week

Volunteer Week Case Study – Cath Wood

This week we are celebrating Volunteers’ Week by sharing stories from some of the people who give up their time to help and support young people in Moray.

Here’s what Cath thinks…

“I heard about MYT from the tsiMORAY Volunteer Hotlist that I receive regularly, so I responded to the vacancy and subsequently undertook the training and I have now been paired up with a lovely young lady.  I’ve met her twice, once with the coordinator and once on our own and so far it’s been great!  Of course, it’s early days and the connection has only just been made, but I’m looking forward to our next year together.

“I chose to volunteer with MYT because there’s a lot of kids out there who are struggling with one thing or another in this world of pressure and judgement, and I want to use my life experience to support such a young person by helping to empower them to make the right choices and to open their minds to alternative avenues.  I hope to encourage my mentee find her identity and to help set her on the right path for her with confidence and self-worth, knowing that I’ve got her back.”

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