Volunteer Week

Volunteer Week Case Study – Hazel

This week we are celebrating Volunteers’ Week by sharing stories from some of the people who give up their time to help and support young people in Moray.

Here’s what Hazel thinks…

“I started my mentoring journey back in 2019 when I sent an email asking for more information about the programme. I then went on to complete my training just before lockdown in March last year and I was matched up with a mentee in November.  I joined the programme because I wanted to help young people have a new face to guide them through a tough time in life, and for me to spend some time away from my daily life! 

“I was matched with my Mentee last November, which is only six months, but it honestly feels like we’ve known each other for longer, we talk about everything and nothing, and just to have someone solely focussed on her for such a small part of the day lifts both of our moods.  We both struggled not being able to meet face-to-face during lockdown but through technology we did manage to have virtual meetings supported by our co-ordinator. 

“When we have met face-to-face we have gone for walks, for hot chocolate, for a drive, done some craft activities – which was a hoot, I’ve helped her with her homework and we also went horse-riding in December which was cold but lots and lots of fun!  In the future we’d like to try baking classes, orienteering and hopefully some group challenges for the mentors and mentees, which we would love as we’re both quite competitive and always up for a laugh!”

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